The Alternative School Photos

We all have a love/hate relationship with the traditional school photos. I actually love them, and always order them. My children looking very awkward and shy with the stark white background is an image I never get of them. Its a moment in time, their uniform ironed and hair carefully combed into place inevitably not quite so by the time their turn comes. But there comes a time when the photo may not happen, the kids get old enough to refuse it or they are off school that day. So this is the story of this little shoot. The school photo didn’t happen, and us parents need to mark each year of our children’s lives, so Hannah booked Kiss. This shoot on Godrevy beach was perfect for her two boys. Its a beach they know and love, parents and Grandma came too. The boys were comfortable and it worked so well for them.

We spent a wonderful morning with them all and as we worked as a team we got some lovely close ups of the boys, family shots and the two boys alone. It was perfect and I know Hannah we will pleased as well as her sons.

My school photos of my two children this year didn’t happen either, I was devastated, its time to get my own kids down to the beach to mark this school year for them both as well. They will not be shy or awkward, they will not be wearing strange pressed school shirts, but they will be laughing and running free, with the sun on their faces and the wind in their hair.