Harbour Hotel wedding Carly and Mark

Carly and Mark were married last week at the stunning Harbour Hotel in St.Ives. The sun shone and the sea was blue, it was the perfect day for a beach wedding.

The wedding had so many vintage touches to it from the china the meal was served on, to the gramophone on the cake table, to the serve yourself Pink Lemonade stand outside on the lawn. It was all so pretty, the flower-girls, the Paige boy outfits and then the bride herself!

A very moving service and I just love the photos we captured of the emotion. We got some fantastic photos of the whole thing and some great kids shots too. The children brought such an element of fun to the service, pointing out the train and the beach and the sea, there were lots of smiles snapped too.

I think all the guests made it down to Porthminister beach for photos which was lovely and we managed to find a quite corner on a very busy beach day! Carly and mark were fantastic, considering the sun was truly beating down on them. Guests paddled in the sea, the children played in the sand, and great wedding memories were made.

Wishing you both a lovely married life together and we know St.Ives will always be held dear to you.Stives-harbour-hotel-wedding-photography-3868Stives-harbour-hotel-wedding-photography-0799Stives-harbour-hotel-wedding-photography-8098Stives-harbour-hotel-wedding-photography-3972Stives-harbour-hotel-wedding-photography-4060Stives-harbour-hotel-wedding-photography-4111Stives-harbour-hotel-wedding-photography-4115Stives-harbour-hotel-wedding-photography-4148Stives-harbour-hotel-wedding-photography-4298Stives-harbour-hotel-wedding-photography-4338Stives-harbour-hotel-wedding-photography-4427Stives-harbour-hotel-wedding-photography-4454Stives-harbour-hotel-wedding-photography-4485Stives-harbour-hotel-wedding-photography-4490