Carbis Bay Hotel wedding in May

When I think of Hannah and Aran’s wedding I think beautiful and pretty. Hannah the bride who is just stunning, her handsome groom, beautiful bridesmaids and the pretty details, most of which were made by Hannah. I just loved photographing this wedding. The details were incredible, the soft greens and pinks just perfect for a summers day, the cake had the wow factor and the room at The Carbis Bay Hotel was dressed perfectly. All this combined with the nicest friends and family, sunshine and a room full of love a wedding photographer could not really ask for more.

Just whizzing through the photos we took so we could post up a blog just blew me away, I saw such a happy photogenic couple and every picture just full of smiles.

Hannah’s dress,veil and flowers were stunning but it was this lovely lady that made it all come together in such perfectness. The bridesmaids and flower girls looked amazing and the groom and groomsmen smart and very handsome. Most of the guests came to the beach for photos and some even had a paddle ( which i love at a wedding!)

This lovely pair that smiled their way through it all laughing and joking and enjoying the atmosphere are lucky enough to be doing it all again soon when they have their Indian wedding.

We at Kiss photography wish them health and happiness and all the best for wedding number two, we know they will never stop smiling and will always be in love…. you can just tell!

Thanks for being so fab! xxx Carbis-Bay-Hotel-wedding-Photography-9155Carbis-Bay-Hotel-wedding-Photography-9165Carbis-Bay-Hotel-wedding-Photography-9049Carbis-Bay-Hotel-wedding-Photography-9057Carbis-Bay-Hotel-wedding-Photography-6392Carbis-Bay-Hotel-wedding-Photography-9071Carbis-Bay-Hotel-wedding-Photography-9327Carbis-Bay-Hotel-wedding-Photography-6439Carbis-Bay-Hotel-wedding-Photography-1139Carbis-Bay-Hotel-wedding-Photography-9340Carbis-Bay-Hotel-wedding-Photography-6480Carbis-Bay-Hotel-wedding-Photography-9351Carbis-Bay-Hotel-wedding-Photography-6481Carbis-Bay-Hotel-wedding-Photography-9354Carbis-Bay-Hotel-wedding-Photography-6484Carbis-Bay-Hotel-wedding-Photography-9578Carbis-Bay-Hotel-wedding-Photography-1203